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Keynotes are ALWAYS tailored to the audience for maximum impact. Using stories reinforces recall for listeners, aiding the listener's memory of the message. This ensures that your audience is more likely to remember the key take-a-ways delivered in the talk!


  • Celebrate Civility

When rudeness is tolerated, the workplace becomes a battleground or hostility is allowed, workplace stress depresses employees, productivity, and profits. What if everyone could become an example of civility in the workplace? Using simple exercises, Leslie will connect the entire audience to the experience of civility and teach how to take this lesson back to their jobs. Using her “Leading From The Cubicle” method, participants leave with a clear plan for elevating respect and dignity in the workplace.

  • Overcome Adversity

In this moving keynote, Leslie teaches the audience an easy-to-implement method to overcome adversity and unexpected setbacks. Using the journey of her family’s falling apart after the death of her father, Leslie shows how her method allowed her to not just survive but thrive.


Speaking Topics for Insurance, Legal and HR Professionals


  • When Bullies Run Free, The Increasing Risk of Incivility

  • Complaints, Claims, and Lawsuits, Oh My!

  • Getting at the Root of Discrimination and Harassment Claims

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