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What Does Insurance Have To Do With Workplace Bullying?

Often the smallest of small businesses operate under the false assumption they are immune to the problems and internal workplace turmoil that challenge larger-sized companies with more expansive staffs. However, a recent legal trend with employment-related claims renders small businesses just as vulnerable to this costly litigation. - Snow Magazine (Mike Zawacki, Editor)

One of our messages to businesses is that there is a measurable and PREVENTABLE cost to tolerating bullying in the workplace. It ranges from the costs of higher-than-average turnover to the costs of litigation. No question, it can be expensive, especially for small businesses.

You can "do the math" yourself with this useful online tool designed to help organizations understand the true cost of tolerating workplace bullying.

Even with the best of intentions and the right policies and procedures in place, there will be

complaints and even claims in the best of companies. Part of the the solution for business is to carry Employment Practices Liability Insurance. EPLI covers the financial damages from a variety of employment-related claims including those that have a component of bullying.

One example: If failure to promote a qualified employee is due to that employee being a target of bullying, EPLI could kick in and cover the cost of the claim and the legal defense. The latter is often the most costly of all. Recommendation: Talk to your insurance agent and get a quote.

Discrimination and bias claims are on the rise. They often have their root in bullying. Get ahead of the claim.

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