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The Subtle Ways of Workplace Bullies

Why HR professionals must find the courage to challenge bullying (peoplemanagement.co.uk)

HR professionals need to be aware of the many manifestations of workplace bullying which increase the complaints, claims and lawsuits from employees.

Many unhappy employees don’t realize they are being bullied. Subtle techniques include gaslighting, forgetting to include you in meeting invites, non-cooperation from colleagues, and being excluded from conversations.

The resulting stress can cause a variety of damaging health effects up to and including mental and physical breakdowns.

To protect their employers and employees, human resource professionals need be attuned to the signs of workplace bullying. Those who are, and who take action to prevent and respond to it, save their employers thousands of dollars and support a climate of trust and employee engagement.

Learn more about how to understand and manage the phenomenon of #workplacebullying. https://lnkd.in/gBkYmxu

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