• Leslie Levy August

The Economic Cost of Bullying

Do organizations have any idea what tolerating bullying is costing them? Do they care? If they saw the dollar amounts of would it make a difference? I propose that some would care and others would not. For some, the cost would be worth not having to deal with messy workplace behaviors.

In the instances where using the economic argument with a sympathetic senior manager may help, targets have a new online tool to add up those costs. The model is based on workplace bullying experts Drs. Gary and Ruth Namies' list of cost factors typically used to manually add up the cost to an organization.

Professionals that work with and support workplace bullying targets can also utilize the calculator, where appropriate, with their clients. Mental health, health care, union and legal professionals all can be part of the bullied targets' support system at one time or another and may desire to recommend use of the calculator.

Feel free to give it a try and let me know your thoughts. This is just Version 1!

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