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Puerto Rico Continues to Lead in US Anti-Workplace Bullying Fight

Guidelines for Implementation Published for Ground-Breaking Puerto Rican Anti-Bullying Law

The US Business community beyond Puerto Rico should be relieved as the criteria for unlawful bullying not only protects employees but also employers.

According to the guidelines, to be unlawful bully behavior It must be:

  1. malicious

  2. unwanted

  3. repetitive and abusive

  4. arbitrary, unreasonable, or capricious

  5. Can be verbal, written, or physical

  6. Must have occurred repeatedly

  7. Must be oblivious to the legitimate interests of the company

  8. Must violate the employee’s protected constitutional rights

  9. Must create an intimidating, humiliating, hostile, or offensive work environment

Proactive and positive leaders will likely embrace such regulations. Those who manage their workforces to “avoid lawsuits” will instead resist this change and continue to suffer from a disengaged workforce.

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