• amytherese3

Negative Business Outcomes for Workplace Bullying Confirmed, Again

Yet another scholarly article has been published confirming the negative outcomes for business when workplace bullying is tolerated.

This time Boudrias etal review 55 longitudinal studies and identifies the mechanisms by which four categories of outcomes result.

The Occupational Outcomes, those most impactful on business, reinforces previous data on workplace bullying.

Here is the list of those outcomes:

  • Turnover intention

  • Actual turnover

  • Long-term sickness absence

  • Disability retirement

  • Dropout from the profession

  • Sickness presenteeism

  • Reduced work engagement

  • Job insecurity

  • Role ambiguity and conflict

As the trend is to address mental health at work, many organizations are unaware that their own environments may be causing that mental illness.

To quote, "...the data reviewed showed workplace bullying can be traumatic and lead to mental illness."

We can't say it often enough, "It Pays to Care".