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Getting Concrete About Workplace Culture - More Than a Happy-Clappy Feelgood Thing

In the book "Happy to Work Here," by Steve McMenamin, Tom DeMarco, Tim Lister, Peter Hruschka, James Robertson and Suzanne Robertson, the authors identify six drivers of workplace culture that effect workplace performance.

One of my pet peeves is discussions about workplace culture that are so general or vague that no one knows what to do. Fortunately, "Happy to Work Here" analyzes the six drivers of culture and makes it very clear what is needed to use culture to positively impact performance. They even make some useful suggestions on making an impact by changing culture locally. You don't have to be a CEO to effect change.

The six drivers are:

  1. The Perceived Value of People

  2. The Perceived Nature of Time

  3. Safety and Security

  4. Navigation by Grownups

  5. The Bond of Collective Confidence

  6. The Perceived Value of Excellence and Beneficence

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