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Conversations with Leslie August on Workplace Bullying

Updated: Apr 18

Leslie and Anthony Trucks, Aww Shift Podcast

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Most people would be embarrassed to share that they are being bullied. Sometimes they are just in the wrong place or time, and they withhold their woes from their friends and families – until the effects become incredibly severe.
As a company, you need to adopt an anti-bullying policy and procedure distinct from your current anti-harassment and anti-discrimination policies. Harassment and discrimination are the next steps after bullying, especially for people that belong to a protected class.

Leslie and Dr. Marilyn A. Scott, TOKOVLRADIO

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Leslie, Kemy Joseph, and Blair with Inside the Greenroom with PV3

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Leslie and Chuck Hester, Conversations with Chuck Hester

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By aligning her insurance background and bullying experience with the movement toward civility in the workplace Leslie has developed a system that reduces legal and HR costs and increases productivity.

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