• amytherese3

Can Entertainment Ever Be Free of Abusive Creators?

I wish I could answer this question with a definitive "yes," but I can't. For one thing, the number of people who want to work in the industry vs. the number of available jobs make it an environment rife with abuse. Secondly, there is the mistaken idea that the entertainment industry is one of very few places to work in a creative environment. Both of these factors feed the notion that it is acceptable to abuse those who work in the business.

“We are deeply disturbed and disheartened by the continuing allegations of workplace harassment and abuse in our industry, and stand with those who speak out against such violence and intimidation in all forms,” the PGA said in a statement. - The Hollywood Reporter

I co-founded (Digipix with Don Levy) the first digital film and video editing company in NYC back in the nineties. Budding editors would come to us, present their reel of work and offer to do free internships all the time. They just wanted a foot in the door. It was easy to see how vulnerable they were to being taking advantage of by abusive and unscrupulous bosses, directors and producers.

This isn't going to change any time soon. In order to correct the problem, workplace protections need to be in place. And abusive "talent" cannot be tolerated. There are so many highly talented and creative and CIVIL people available to do the jobs and fill the roles of the misbehaving talent.

Maybe these "legends" in the entertainment industry were considered irreplaceable in the past, but I'll bet there are 10 better choices for every one abuser.

Will we really be worse off without Ellen or Scott Rudin or Harvey Weinstein? For every one of them there are 10 equally talented entertainers/producers/creators waiting to take their place.

Time to stand up to those who take advantage of their role and protect those who would sacrifice their humanity for a job.