• amytherese3

A Culture of Overwork Breeds Stress

Employers may think they are getting the most they can out of employees by maxing them out with work. Nothing could be further from the truth.

Fierce Conversations reports that 46% of employee stress is caused by excessive workloads and 53% of Americans say stress dampens their productivity.

It makes sense to ask...

  • "Is work stress an occasional situation or is it our culture?"

  • "Do we use overwork to weed out the toughest and bludgeon those who are less productive as a result?"

  • "Does an environment of stress, fear, and overwork cost us more than it returns due to lost productivity and turn over?"

We propose it is time to stop paving the way to success with bullying, overwork, and unrealistic expectations. The financial and human costs are too great.

We encourage you to use our Bullying Calculator to find out how much workplace bullying is costing your organization.

We are here to help you understand your risks, analyze the costs, and make changes that will benefit your employees and your bottom line.