Policies & Procedures


The 2-day solution for a claims-free workplace

In two days you can have anti-bullying policies and procedures drafted and ready to implement. We facilitate and provide tested recommendations, you provide the custom content.

Two days could save your HR and Legal Departments two months annually from dealing with drawn out, unresolved complaints and claims.


An Anti-Bullying and Civility Policy and Procedure is the foundation to a healthy corporate culture and building employee trust. If you have a plan for dealing with risky job behaviors you can manage employee complaints in a positive way and reduce employment practices complaints and claims.

An explicit, stand-alone Policy with precise definitions is the cornerstone of a non-violent, fear-free workplace. It is the "line in the sand," the behavioral standard to which the alleged misconduct can be compared.

Policies reflect the organization's commitment.

You designate a Policy Writing Group with representatives from human resources, risk management, legal, unions, non-supervisory employees, and management. In real time, both a policy and set of enforcement procedures are created.


The value of live policy generation is the clarification of organizational values and the contribution of all stakeholders.


Real time drafting can be done remotely or, in person, conditions permitting. It is typically a 2-day process.We use the proven Workplace Bullying Institute process originated by Dr. Gary Namie and David C. Yamada, J.D.


To learn more about how the process works, schedule a no-cost, 20-minute meeting with Leslie August below.