What if your success was measured by how much leadership you provided instead of how many fires you put out?

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Legal Departments

Employment practices complaints, claims, and lawsuits continue to trend up resulting in more work for Legal Departments and more cost for organizations. These lawsuits are also a danger to reputation. In-house legal departments live daily with the nagging worry of whether the next #MeToo (sexual harassment) or #BlackLivesMatter (racial discrimination) lawsuit will be the one that puts their organization on the front page.


Often the genesis of these complaints is the bullying behavior of someone in the workplace. It is the foundation from which all other bad behavior in the workplace comes from. But since bullying and incivility are not illegal, they are not addressed until they result in a discrimination complaint, workers comp claim, or harassment lawsuit.


Our solution is rooting out bullying and abusive conduct BEFORE they result in complaints, claims, and lawsuits costing hundreds of thousands of dollars and hundreds of hours of time to fight, defend, payout, and settle.

We use extensive knowledge of workplace bullying and claims analysis to pinpoint problems, address them at the root cause, and prevent the steady rise of lawsuits, complaints, and claims that land on the desks of in-house counsel. At the same time, you are reducing the risk of a reputation-ruining event showing up in the media.


Our 4 phase system is called  Analyze - Strategize - Civilize - Realize. We work with Legal to analyze a variety of data from in-house sources to pinpoint the source of bullying behavior. Instead of claims mitigation, we strive for wholistic claims prevention

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