Leslie Levy August, CEO, The Leslie August Corporation

About Leslie

For 35 years, Leslie August held progressively senior management roles in international insurance agencies. In that time she saw the stark comparison between toxic vs.healthy workplaces and how toxic workplaces resulted in employee disengagement, distraction, illness, and loss of productivity and profitability. Ultimately she personally experienced bullying and workplace toxicity and gained a first-hand understanding of the challenges and strategies for dealing with toxic work dynamics and their increased risks.

The Leslie August Corporation was founded out of a unique experience related to workplace bullying. Our founder, Leslie Levy August, witnessed and was a target of workplace bullying as a business owner, manager, bystander, and target. This experience changed the direction of her life and was the genesis for her business.

By aligning her insurance background and bullying experience with the movement toward civility in the workplace Leslie has developed a 4-phase system that reduces legal and HR costs and increases productivity.


The data supports that organizations are losing millions of dollars annually due to insurance claims, complaints, and lawsuits. It is our mission to provide tools and solutions that enable organizations to provide an abuse-free environment AND thrive. We can have profits AND respect in the workplace. 

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